Understanding the Problem Understanding Adhd ADHD Understanding the Problem Understanding the Problem | Getting Help | Sustaining Hope This three-part article provides an excellent overview of the current state of knowledge regarding a disorder that is often called the most "over-diagnosed' mental problem– attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. The extensive use of medication for emotional disorders is controversial for some people. While the National Institute of Mental Health– which commissioned this article– is a firm supporter of medication use, it is certainly on the side of those who urge caution and care with prescription drugs. This article discusses the medication controversy and provides descriptions of alternative treatments that have been shown to be effective.

It also identifies treatments that have not yet been proven effective in most cases. Interestingly, the article also discusses the course of life for people with ADHD, including a description of qualities often possessed by those with the "disorder' that can be drawn upon to assist in personal development and growth. – DMD, Telos Net.