The Advantages of Stupidity When one is called stupid, it is seen as a demeaning insult. Yet, many people do not realize all the advantages to being stupid. Everyone always looks at the negative aspects while neglecting to look at the positive ones. It is a well known fact that stupid people are never asked to do anything that is of importance. This fact causes a lack of responsibility, which leads to more free time for the stupid person. One can use that free time to do what one wants and indulge in life's more meaningful pleasures.

Stupidity can, in some cases, create job security. Stupid people tend to do things out of order and in a confusing manner. By doing so, many people do not understand what one is doing. Therefore, the employer has no choice but to keep the stupid one employed. If by chance one is fired, it just leaves more free time once again.

It is also believed that being stupid will get one no where. Yet, look at Forrest Gump. Sure, he? s a fictional character, but he never had to worry about money. He was even a decorated war hero.

In the movie, he worried that little Forrest would be stupid like himself. Even Forrest Gump didn? t realize that stupidity is a blessing, not a burden. One of the most common theories in today? s society is that all blondes are stupid. Even though this theory has never been proven, most people have accepted it as fact. If one is blonde, then one is considered stupid. Yet, it is always said that blondes have more fun.

One of the last advantages is that stupid people are always remembered by others. Stupid people stick out in someone else? s mind more than average kids. The recollection of stupid people is for the simple fact that everyone wants to know that there is always someone stupider than he / she is. Evidence clearly shows that there are more advantages to being stupid then there are disadvantages.

So when one is called stupid, it should not be taken as an insult, but as a compliment. For after all, stupid people are special.