Candidate for President Al Gore (democrat) After serving the U. S. Army in the Viet amn War, Al Gore became a reporter for a Nashville newspaper. He then attended Vanderbilt law school and was elected to the House of Representatives for eight years and was soon elected to the U. S. Senate.

Al Gore was selected as the running mate for the Bill Clinton and was elected as Vice President. Vice President Gore is a firm believer in improving the economy and reinventing the government. Education, environment, fighting crime, and health care are strong are also issues he stands behind. During the past few years he has shown strong feelings for improving technology and science through computers as well as giving respect to Americans with disabilities. Some of Gore? s plans for the 21 st century include changing American education and in the process improving on meeting the educational needs of students with disabilities. Improving health care and fighting cancer are also high concerns on his list of priorities.

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