Am I Sexy… … … or Not? What is it that a man finds attractive in a woman? Is it her butt that is attractive? Is it her eyes? Is it her breast? Do any men find an intelligent woman sexy, or just the body? Why do we woman try to make ourselves sexy? Why do we go out and get our bodies re-done for the male species? Why are woman not just be proud of what God made us with? Is it because of the way that society has portrayed the way a woman should be? Rap and R&B videos exploit females through lyrics, showing them half-dressed and gives an atrocious image of African-American women. Many songs by male artist degrade women through their lyrics. In many songs woman are referred to as bitches and hoes. In the song Project Bitch, the rappers Cash Money Millionaires have a few lines throughout the song that says, " Give me a project bitch, hood rat chick, one that don't give a censored and say she took that censored '. (Project Bitch) First of all a woman is being called a bitch, and then second she has the image of just being there for the sex. Another example of lyrics that degrade woman would be the song I Can Tell.

Throughout this song a guy is saying how this girl looks good and how sexy she is and how he wants to have sex. The line in the song says, "I am not looking for love, I just wanna fit your glove.' (I Can Tell) Once again the image is that women are just for sex. Many rap and R&B videos show woman without clothes on, and the women look like strippers. In the video I Just Wanna, Jay-Z has a countless number of half-dressed females running around. Men in the video are fully clothed. The video Danger, Mystical has ladies in there without a top on and just a bikini bottom.

Throughout these videos woman are just shaking their butts in the camera. While they are dancing the men are hitting their butts, and pouring alcohol on them. These videos that are being shown on BET does not give a first-class image of African-American women. These videos on television do not give the image that African-American women are strong, beautiful and intelligent women. As African-American we should not want our women to give the impression of being sex objects. Africa-American women are strippers and are alone good for sex.

The illustration that is given is that we African-American women like to be called a bitch or a hoe. Why would we as African-American people want to give this image to others? In today's society sex sells, but sells more to men. The women are more likely to wear nothing or just a little something that might help cover them up then men. Why do we as women let ourselves be accepted this way? Why don't we just put our foot down and say it is time that we are accepted for our intellectual side? Do you really think a guy is going to like you for you if you are half naked when meeting him. You be the judge on that one! ! ! ! !.