By Ellen Amazon Amazon By Ellen Chen Introduction This guide was written exclusively for Bowazons – all the tactics and advice are written for Bowazons and can be ignored by Pikezons and Javazons. It includes advice on both PvM and PvP combat as, although killing monsters is the primary objective of Diablo II, Peers do exist, and other players should always be ready to defend themselves against attacks by hostile players. Note that the play guide presented here is for the 1. 03 version of Diablo II – if you have an earlier version download the patch, otherwise advice on skills such as Pierce becomes invalid. A Bowazon may choose to go down either of two paths – specialising in Strafe to become a Strafe Bowazon, or specialising in elemental cold attacks to become an Ice Bowazon.

Either choice is highly effective if properly used; any mixing of the two trees, however, will result in a jack-of-all-trades and a mistress of none – in other words, a character without a highly-developed offensive skill and unable to fight effectively at higher difficulty levels. The choice between Strafe/Penetrate and Ice/Freezing Arrow must be made early – before Character Level 6 – as although many of the attributes of Strafe and Ice Bowazons are similar, equipment and skill choices differ greatly. The tactics used by each also differ – for example, although the Strafe Bowazon is slightly more effective in slaughtering packs of monsters, an Ice Bowazon will have a slightly easier time against bosses. The information contained within this guide is designed to help you make the choice between the Strafe and Ice Bowazons, and to assist you in building up and fighting with the character of your choice.