The American Dream Americans celebrate Independence Day with great pride and honor. The days that have once been filled with happiness are still lived today. Americans everywhere are able to thrive and profit from our flourishing history. On the contrary, the? American Dream, ? derived from our free and independent democracy.

While, many other countries are living under regulations, Americans live freely. This political freedom that we celebrate on July fourth led to the engines of creativity and success. America gives us the opportunity to freely live out our dreams and create a world, which we can make ourselves. The? American Dream, ? is not who a person is, it is what they have done to fulfill it. That is why the? American Dream, ? fascinates millions to either to start a new one, to live an old one, most of all beginning a new and prosperous life.

As for the individual dream, which one dreams of and seeks to gain, is highly personal. The right to dream this aspiration, with the realistic hope of gaining what one seeks, is passed down from generation to generation of every American citizen. As the centuries form, and dreams are being passed down, the dream for economic gain becomes apparent. My American dream is to hold a prosperous, profitable profession. It appears, as wealth has become the desire of my? American Dream. ? The possession of money in America has become a necessity.

Money offers people hope. Wealth brings security, respect, power, personal happiness, and being able to live life with more freedom and leniency to do as one wishes. With America? s success in the economy, the stock market roaring, and unemployment is in decline wealth is an ideal? American Dream. ? As America sits perched on top of the world, it still promises the? American Dream.

? Hence, what is the American dream to everybody? Is it from poverty to wealth? From obscurity to a professional distinction? Or is the? American Dream, ? modest; to have employment, a happy family, or own a home? The answer varies amongst people of different origin, race, and gender. My mother was a person who was able to fulfill her dream. She came to America with little hope and faith, except for escaping war. Unlike earlier immigrants, Vietnamese immigrants were not seeking a paradise, they were escaping life back in Vietnam.

As my mother began to start college in America she slowly began to figure out her? American Dream. ? Her dream was to live successfully, raise children, and to make the hardships for her children easier then she ever had to face. She took the initiative and pursued it. My mother now successfully has job and is financially stable to take care of my family. My other interview also had to do with another immigrant. Her name is Thien Ngo.

Thien came to America as a young child and suffered because her parents could not provide her with proper necessities, due to her lack of wealth. She took that suffering and made a dream out of it. Seeing what her parents did not have and could not provided; her? American Dream, ? was to have a professional career and provide for her family. Dealing with her poor English language and lack of proper materials for school, Thien eventually graduated from high school being Valid Victorian and moving on to college.

She was accepted into a six-year dental program through the University of Pennsylvania. Not only stopping after graduate school, she pursued her career even more, and is not a practicing endo-dentistry. The two people in my interview were able to fulfill their American Dreams. Unlike many Americans, immigrants tend to have more faith in themselves, thus forcing them to prosper. These successful immigrants set goals and pushed themselves to meet them no matter what they had to sacrifice. People are not incapable of the? American Dream, ? but are not willing to capture it.

The? American Dream, ? can be expressed in many ways, especially in forms of artwork. One song that I felt reflected my? American Dream, ? was the rap song? Money, Power, Respect, ? by the Lox. The song emphasizes how money wins you power, respect, and basically all the essential needs to stay hopeful and happy. The second song I was chose was? She Will Have Her Way, ? by Neil Finn. The song describes how someone is starting off new to achieve what she needs to get done.

The artist describes how? he still believes in her. ? No matter how much the girl in the song suffers she will always have her away and do whatsoever to achieve her dream. The? American Dream, ? is about becoming something, to the best way to achieve fulfillment of ones life. The dream is and always has been a reality. The more that Americans and immigrants insist on the dream as a right, and pursue it with determination, the more likely it will be to remain a live option accessible to all. The dream does not originate from America, it derives from us, the people.

If we exert all our effort we, at any moment in American history are more likely to be what he had intended to become. With that predicament already visible, every advance we make may very well lead to another, and every realization of the? American Dream, ? will evolve.