The book that I chose to do my report on was called "The Amittyville Horror.' This book was a horror story and a true story. It took place in Amittyville, New York. This story was about a family whom were looking to buy a house and one that would fit their interests. On one day they discovered the house that caught their interest. It was the Amittyville house. The only problem they had with this house was the fact that years earlier a teenage boy murdered his entire family and himself.

What caused him to commit such a crime? No body knew. This couple decided to buy the house anyway. Once they moved in everything seemed to be going just fine, for the first few days. Then things started to get strange. A priest came to bless the house for the family and when he did, he ran into a problem.

The priest walked into the house and started to feel strange. After walking upstairs to a bedroom, he heard a loud voice telling him to get out of the house. The priest fled the home and returned to his church where he started becoming ill. After that incident more strange things started to occur.

The husband began to act very strangely. Every night he would wake up at the same time. It turns out this was the time that the boy committed his murders, that were brought on by the same voice that the priest had heard. Eventually the family started to notice more strange things occurring. One day the wife was doing some laundry when she noticed something that neither she or her husband had noticed before. It was a strange and unusual room, almost like a passageway.

In fact that is what it was. When they discovered this things started to act up. Many unusual things were happening and the couple fled their home with their children and left the house never to be seen around there again. Personally, I found this book to be very interesting. If you are the type of person whom prefers horror stories or true stories, than I suggest for you to read this one. If you are not interested in horror stories, I still would suggest you to read it because of it holding your interest, and you will begin to enjoy the book.

Also, if you are the type of person who believes in occasions like this one, you will find this book interesting. Overall, I feel that this book is good for just about everyone and encourage people to read it.