Personal Response # 1 After reading the first half of The Lost World I discovered I really enjoyed reading this novel. This surprised me because I was never interested in the movie version of this book. The characters were well developed having different view points and a wide variety of emotions. The characters showed many different motives for their actions, working towards sometimes conflicting goals. The author depicts a detailed setting in the present time period. The plot so far is exciting and full of suspense with many unexpected twists.

Setting The setting of The Lost World mainly occurs in two parts of the world. In the beginning half of this novel it takes place in urban America. In America the main characters are preparing for their excursion to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is where the second half of the novel takes place. In the immense jungles of Costa Rica the characters come face to face with a terrible secret, the dinosaurs of INGEN. The time period that the story takes place is present time.

PLOT The central conflict in this novel is between Malcom, Levine and doctor Thorne against the genetically engineered dinosaurs with INGEN. Levine a paleontologist discovers the existence of dinosaurs on a remote island of the coast of Costa Rica. He leads his party they re to research these extraordinary creatures. The problem occurs when they reach the island. They soon discover there is a problem with the ratio of predator to prey on the island. There are too many predators.

The predator especially the raptors, attempt to eat the intruding humans. They are forced to leave the island without the undiscovered secrets. Characterization Lewis Dodgson is the antagonist of The Lost World. Even more than the raptors. He is cold, calculating, and selfish. He does anything to get what he wants.

Lewis works for a bio-engineering company, but in truth works only for himself. He steals other scientists research and uses i as his own. He plans to steal and exploit the genetic miracles of Ingen making himself wealthy. Theme The theme or central idea of this novel is man vs. nature because humans have brought back dinosaurs to the world and this goes against nature.

Point of View Two characters that appear to represent particular ideas are Levine and Lewis Dodgson. Levine thinks that dinosaurs are to be studied and researched in their natural enviroment. Lewis on the other hand wants to exploit these magnificent creatures for commercial uses and makes himself a very wealthy man. New Ending Malcolm shook his head shaking the memories from his mind. He had to concentrate on getting off this island. There s the boat house! Sarah yelled, her voice thick with hope.

Malcolm saw the boat house as the explorer exploded from the thick jungle into the clearing. The boathouse was little more than a run down shed with one wooden door and no windows. The explorer skidded to a halt and Malcom and Sarah quickly jumped out and ran to the door of the shed. Swinging the door open Malcom rushed in. The inside of the boat house looked worse than the outside, pieces of timber were cracked and rotting but worst of all the boat was gone. Where s the boat! Sarah screamed, becoming hysterical.

Malcom stood, his breathing becoming ragged. I can t breath, Malcom thought to himself. It s over, all over, he gasped. As if on cue, the door suddenly splintered open.

Standing above the shattered door stood a snarling raptor. Saliva dripped down from its almost grinning jaws. Malcom was rooted to the ground, fear immobilizing him. Then the raptor leapt, Sarah screamed, and the world came to a bloody end.