Angela's Ashes – Theme Angela's Ashes – Theme Essay, Research Paper The theme of Angela? s Ashes shines brilliantly though Frank McCourt? s childhood memories. The most apparent theme in this memoir is that despite the fact that life can be tortuous, if you remain determined, love and strength do come out of misery. From an early age, young Frank knew what he had to do to deliver himself and his family from their impoverished. He had seen what his father had amounted too-nothing. ? Nothing? is what Frank did not want to be. Frank wanted to amount to? something? .

With his own endurance combined with the love and strength from his family he would eventually go on to fulfill his desires. I start thinking about America and how I have to Save money for my fare instead of squandering it On fish and chips and tea and buns. I? ll have to save a few shillings from My pound because if I don? t I? ll Be in Limerick forever. (Pg. 314) Throughout the novel the McCourt? s find themselves at the mercy of a disease stricken Ireland, an alcoholic father, and callous people. Regardless of these factors, Frank McCourt finally realizes his dream.

I want to get pictures of Limerick stuck in my head Incase I never come back. I sit in St. Joseph? s Church and the Redemptorist Church and tell myself to take a Good look because I might never see this again. I walk down Henry Street to say good-bye to St.

Francis Though I? m sure I? ll be able to talk to him In America. (Pg. 356) Thus, it can be said that reading Angela? s Ashes, instills a hope in tired souls. If you believe in the faith of loved ones and remain strong willed you will rise up to be triumphant.