What kind of girl do you think Anne Frank was? Explain your answer In her life Anne frank was a girl that had passed between different's stages of her life. By that time that is passing we can learn and know her in all the story of her life. We can see her feelings and that she was very secure of herself. Anne was a loving, caring, sociable with all the people on her school. She cared more about her father than her mother, she had no feelings like daughter to mother, they didn? t get to well, she always though that her sister was the most that got the attention of her parents Anne only confided things to her diary because she didn? t trust any one in the? annex? even Peter the boy she had a big crush. She never gave up her hope of not being persecuted or found.

We can say that she was a girl ahead of time, just a little bit, she was truly happy while writing her ideals. She talked behind people? s back. Anne was not a very patient girl; she didn? t like the commentaries from Mrs. Van Daan and Mr. Dussek. By the two years that had passed by in the? annex? there? s a part when we can? t deny the change of Anne Frank into a women & a more mature person, now she is more compressible by the issues with her mother and takes thing the easy way.

She had the ability of describing easily the turbulent world inside her head. Anne was an ordinary girl and also she was a skilled writer. She learned about her errors and try to resolve it.