Anne Anne Rice Anne Rice Anne Rice s life experiences and intellectual inquisitiveness provide her with constant inspiration for her writing. She was brought up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was the second of four daughters in her family. She was born Howard Ellen O Brien.

Her mother thought that Howard was a suiting name that would bring her good fortune. On her first day of school her teacher asked her for her name and she responded with the name Anne. Her mother said that if she wanted to be called Anne let her be called Anne. When Anne was a child her parents were very lenient with her so she was able to do whatever she pleased. Her mother was an alcoholic that was drunk almost around the clock.

Her mother drank herself to death. Eventually Anne moved to San Francisco for a change of scenery. This is where she met her husband Stan Rice. They took an immediate liking to each other but were separated for a long time.

They wrote many letters back and forth to each other and were married only seeing each other a few times. After they married, Anne wasn t the more famous of the two young writers. Surprisingly, she hid in the shadows while her husband became a fairly famous writer. Eventually they had a child. They had a daughter and named her Michelle. They loved her very much but tragedy struck when they found out that she had leukemia.

She ended up dying causing Anne and Stan to go into an amazing drunken stupor. This is when Anne wrote, Interview With the Vampire. Eventually they realized that all the alcohol they were consuming wasn t doing anything for them. Now they are still in New Orleans, with a son, and writing and living happily.