Many people have different views about cloning. Some believe it to be a good thing. I think cloning is one of the worst things to come into the millennium. Cloning is very dangerous to humans. Not only could it kill a human being, but it could effect a family or others around them. One of the things that makes me think cloning is a dangerous experiment is the effects it could have on the people.

A women who is not able to have a child might have embers transplanted to her womb. Then one of them implants and she soon gives birth to a daughter, who is genetically her twin sister. This could cause problems within the family and she will be exactly like her mother in every way. Cloning is also available to gay or lesbian couples to reproduce. I believe that gay or lesbian couples shouldn't raise a child because it could be to harmful on the child to grow up with the same sex parents. Cloning will make it much easier for the couples to reproduce.

Parents could also replace a lost child which would be their genetic twin. Many of these things could cause potential effects on families and cause children to fill predetermined roles. Cloning could also cause death or disease. Cloning is a powerful force that can result in horrendous results. Clones can be a risk on a population. The populations will be the same and can also get the same diseases.

One virus can kill many people because of cloning. If some cattle are identical clones with the same virus, like mad cow disease, it could effect the entire country. There is also a risk of diseases being transferred by transgenic animals. An animal who is producing a drug in its milk can be infected by a virus; the patient would catch the virus. In conclusion I think cloning is a a dangerous problem. It could cause emotional problems within family and themselves.

It could also cause death or disease passed within cloning. Cloning should come to a stop everywhere.