April Morning By Howard Fast Adam Cooper was 15 years old. He lived with his mom Sarah, his dad Moses, his grandma, and his brother, Levi. He had a girlfriend named Ruth Simmons. Adam went on a night walk with Ruth and they kissed. Adam said he loved her and walked her home. They lived in Lexington, Massachusetts.

That night he went to sleep peacefully. But he was woken up in the middle of the night when Levi came in to Adam's bed after having a nightmare. They were in bed together for a while when Levi heard the trotting of a horse. Soon a young man pulled up in front of Buckman's Tavern nearby.

He called for everybody in the town to come out. So Adam and his dad went to the common. The rider said the British were coming! But he said that they wouldn't be get to Lexington for a while, because of their huge slow-moving army. So Adam signed the muster book to join the town's militia.

He and his dad got their food, guns, and water and then started off for the common. When Adam got there all his friends were there, too. They thought it would be fun to fight! When he thought about what it really was going to be like he was horrified. The British were coming and he couldn't stop it! Adam was scared about going to war and was talking with his father while they got ready. His father said that they were trying to prevent a war, and not to cause one. They met on the common in lines and waited.

The Redcoats came and started shooting and Adam's father was shot twice and died right away. Then the lines broke up. Everybody ran away. Adam went and hid in a shed and soon fell asleep. Later, Levi woke him up.

Levi said that they had carried Father to the house and he was lying upstairs. Adam fell asleep again and when he woke up, he ran away from some Redcoats. He had another close encounter with Redcoats and ran away to find a man named Solomon Chandler. They walked together and told each other about themselves, and then Solomon took Adam to war. Adam walked with Solomon Chandler to go trap an army of 1, 500 Redcoats in Meno tomy. They and five others were hiding in a windfall and picked off Redcoats.

Adam fell asleep during the battle, so everyone thought he was dead. He woke up and went home to a tearful greeting from Levi and his mom who had been told Adam had died. When Adam first viewed the body upstairs in the house he was sad and upset. But he felt his father was really in heaven. Levi told Adam how the Redcoats ransacked the town and stole the horses. There was much debris on the common and a crowd had been burying the dead.

Cousin Simmons and Adam believed a war had started with a siege of Boston and that this was not just an isolated battle. Adam returned home for supper and delivered candles to the Reverend for lighting the graves. On his way he met Ruth and they hugged and discussed events. After talking to Granny about the fighting in Boston, Adam went to bed uncertain of the future and his part in the war.