Are Male Condoms Or Female Condoms Are Male Condoms Or Female Condoms A Better Contraceptive? The male condom is a thin layer made of latex or sheepskin that fits over the erect penis and stops sperm from entering the female's body when ejaculating. They are the most commonly used contraceptive and you can purchase them at drug stores or supermarkets without a prescription. The best condoms have a reservoir tip, are made of latex and are lubricated. Male condoms contain no health risks unless you are allergic to latex or spermicide.

Male condoms are 85-90% effective for preventing pregnancy if used properly. The female condom is a sheath made of polyurethane that lines the vagina entirely and partially shields the perineum in order to help prevent pregnancy and STDs. Female condoms have a silicone-based lubrication on the inside of the condom, but additional lubrication is provided with the condom. It does not contain spermicide and should not be used in conjunction with a male condom. Female condoms are 78-83% effective for preventing pregnancy when used properly. Both methods are similar because they try to protect against pregnancy by preventing sperm from entering the female with a thin shield.

They both contain the same disadvantages that they may break during intercourse and people think that sex is not as pleasurable with them. The male condom is easier to use, cheaper and more effective than the female condom therefore it is a better contraceptive than the female condom.