Australia Australia is the world s largest island with 21 thousand miles of coastline. It also is the world s the world s smallest, flattest, lowest & driest continent (excluding Antarctica). The largest cattle station in the world is located in South Australia. It is the size of Belgium. The world s largest diamond mine is located in the far North of Australia. Australia and Greece are the only countries that have participated in every modern Olympic Games.

The biggest stadium in Olympic history seating 110, 000 is taking shape at Homebush Bay, Site of the Olympics 2000. The highest monthly temperatures and longest spells have been recorded at Marble Bar, in the north of Western Australia, which has had 160 consecutive days over 100 F. Salt Water Crocodiles can grow up to 20 feet long, weigh as much as 3 tons and live to be 75 years old. Shark Bay in Western Australia has the largest breeding population of manatees in the world. The 8 th wonder of the world is in Australia. It is the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef extends for 1200 miles down the Queensland Coastline, and it is the world s largest marine park. Dunk Island has the most tropical vegetation of the reef Islands.