There is no reason that students cannot wear backpacks in public schools. Backpacks are needed to carry paper, pens, books, and other school supplies. There is too much of a need for backpacks in schools to not allow students to carry them. Most schools no longer allow students to carry book bags. Schools have stopped allowing students to carry backpacks for a couple of reasons. They clutter the isles and they make it easier for students to conceal guns, drugs, and other contraband.

The problem of students caring weapons and drugs to school is not as major in the area I am from. I went to school in the Putnam County School District. Putnam County could allow students to carry book bags until it becomes a threat. There are also other alternatives to solving the problem. Students who wish to carry backpacks could buy clear or mesh bags. The school board could reduce the size of schools.

With large schools, students become lost and they are more likely to commit such violent acts like that of what we saw at Columbine. Smaller schools provide more of a community. "Smaller schools make kids feel connected' (Eyre 2). Students need to be allowed to carry book bags in.