College drinking is a growing problem amoung colleges and universities across the country. It has been estimated that at least ten percent of college students are problem drinkers, or "pre-alcoholics.' This problem is a serious one. Each year, more and more students resort to college drinking for a number of various reasons. In order to solve this problem, we must consider, we must consider what causes college students to so excessively. Some reasons for college drinking may be immediate, while others are long term.

Many students resort to college drinking due to immediate causes that may surround them. One immediate cause of college drinking is peer pressure. Peer pressure is amoung one of the most common reasons for college drinking. Since the whole college experience involves meeting new people and having a good time, fitting in is important. The Department of Health and Social Behavior have found that almost one in every two college students are binge drinkers. With almost fifty percent of students consuming alcohol at college, the pressure from one another can be tremendous.

The most common times when students are found drinking under peer pressure is at college fraternities or sororities. For example, many times these fraternities or sororities conduct initiations involving alcohol. "Hazing' for these fraternities or sororities may include maximum alcohol consumption, or silly tasks to be completed after consuming alcohol. The strong desire for a new college student to want to be involved in these favored groups may lead them to alcoholism.