Beowulf A hero is a person noted for their act of courage and nobility of a purpose. There is a hero in the story Beowulf. In Anglo-Saxon literature Beowulf is described to be a perfect hero who fights for his people and vanquishes evil with his extraordinary abilities to bring peace and justice. Beowulf fits the Anglo-Saxon circumstances of what a hero should be. A hero fights evil and saves the day, a hero must have a purpose and must go on a journey, and the hero also must be brave and have extraordinary powers.

Beowulf, a heroic figure and leader of his people, heard of a great evil that is terrorizing Hrothgar and the people of Herot. With great motives of gaining the people s respect and restoring peace to the community Beowulf requested to journey to Herot at a time of crisis to fend off it s evil. With Beowulf s heroic qualities of bravery, strength, and loyalty he can conquer all obstacles, as he fears no evil and fights for a good purpose in life. When we crossed the seas, my comrades and I, I already knew that all my purpose was this: to win the good will of your people or die in battle, pressed in Grendel s fierce grip. Let me live in greatness and courage, or here in this hall welcome my death! Beowulf is considered for his great courage and his fierce strength of overcoming the evil Grendel with his own bare hands for terrorizing the people of Herot. Beowulf believes in a fair fight and no true fighter should have the upper hand.

I have heard that the monster s scorn of men is so great that he needs no weapon and fears no none. Nor will I. My Lord Hi glac might think less of me if I let my sword go where my feet are afraid to, if I hid behind some broad linden shield: my hands alone shall fight for me, struggle for life against the monster. This feat took great courage and skillful fighting. Beowulf was a very loyal hero. He showed fairness to all he came across, including his enemies.

He believed that everybody was equal and no one was greater or better than anybody else. While in battle, Beowulf showed great loyalty to his enemy by fighting without a weapon and without the help of his men so no one has the upper hand. Beowulf also showed his loyalty to Hrothgar and his people by journeying to Herot and setting forth a goal to defeat the evil Grendel and stop him from killing anymore of Hrothgar s men. Beowulf s loyalty to everyone is the major factor in Beowulf's greatness. A hero is believed to be a figure renowned for exceptional courage and fortitude. Beowulf is considered a great hero among the people of the Anglo-Saxon time period due to his heroic qualities and actions.

Beowulf traveled to Herot to with a good purpose to free the people of an evil that was terrorizing them and to bring peace. Beowulf also fought the evil Grendel hand to hand and saved Hrothgar and the people of Herot from his mayhem. Beowulf s fearlessness, devotion, and his extraordinary strength and great fighting ability are what makes him a great hero of this time period.