The epic Beowulf Beowulf The epic tale Beowulf, whose author is unknown, was written sometime during the seventh or eighth century and is of Scandinavian decent. Although the unknown author is believed to be a Saxon, there are many references to God and Christian beliefs. Many believe that these such references where added by the monks when they copied the manuscripts. Beowulf takes place in Spear-Dane, Scandinavia between the fourth or fifth century.

The main character, Beowulf, shows a devotion to duty, a great deal of courage as well as strength throughout the entire epic. When the tale first begins we are introduced to Beowulf s enemy, Grendel. Before the arrival of Beowulf, Grendel would enter the Heo rot, the mead hall, and snatch thirty warriors as they rested and kill them. When Beowulf heard of this, he went to King Hrothgar and offered his help. Beowulf showed his courage to Hrothgar by telling him of how he beat five men at once and about his battles with monsters and sea demons.

Beowulf shows even more courage when he says he will not use any weapons to help himself defeat Grendel. Also as Beowulf tells Hrothgar of his courageousness, he also shows Hrothgar of his devotion to slay Grendel. Beowulf told Hrothgar that if it was fated for Grendel to win, Hrothgar should send his armor to King Hygelac. Beowulf shows a great deal of devotion to duty by saying that because it shows he will not give up until either Grendel or him is slain. During the battle with Grendel, Beowulf shows tremendous strength, almost superhuman strength. When Grendel seized Beowulf from the hall, Beowulf threw himself out of Grendel's grip and upon his forearm.

Beowulf also clenched Grendel's hand so tightly that he broke Grendel's fingers. As the other warriors watch Beowulf s battle with Grendel, they tried to help Beowulf but realized their weapons were no match for Grendel. When the other warriors thought Grendel would win, it was then that Beowulf ripped the arm right off of Grendel s body. It was then that Grendel returned to his lair and was never seen again. Throughout the whole fight with Grendel, Beowulf showed enormous amounts of strength. Beowulf showed his great strengths, courage and his devotion to duty throughout the entire epic tale of Beowulf.

These characteristics Beowulf showed are ones often valued and admired by people in the present day. So even though the times have changed, many characteristics that are thought to be important have not changed.