Basically, the story of Beowulf is about a monster who is repetitively attacking a mead-hall called Herot. This monsters name is Grendel. At first, he comes up to the town only to find out what they? d do, and when the guards attack him, he laughs at their pitiful attempt and kills them. Grendel began visiting the hall at night, sneaking into the place and killing people in their sleep. The guards could do nothing to stop them, seeing as how every time they tried he would kill them. Eventually, everyone was driven out of Herot.

One day, a man, and great warrior, got word of Hrothgar? s (the king of Herot) situation. This was none other than the powerful Beowulf. Being the hero that he is, and protector of all men, he decided that he would kill the monster. He visited the king, and asked if his assistance was needed.

Hrothgar, of course, said yes, and they went back to the mead-hall and celebrated. Finally, someone was going to help them out. After the celebration, Beowulf and his men took the place of Hrothgar? men in their beds. Beowulf laid awake and awaited the coming of Grendel. When Grendel did show up, he killed a few guards, and then attacked Beowulf thinking that he was just like all the others.

However, he soon found out that he was different. Grendels only thought was to run back to his home and hide, but Beowulf wasn? t about to let him go. After tearing off one of Grendels limbs, the beast escaped, went back to his home, and died. After the battle, Beowulf showed all of Herot the limb that he had torn from Grendel to prove he had beaten the monster. People from all over visited Herot to see the limb, and Hrothgar? s men moved back in to the hall. The End..