Beowulf'S 3 Battles GrendelBeowulf'S 3 Battles Essay, Research Paper Grendel was a powerful demon. According to the text, he was a descendant of Cain. He terrorized Denmark for over twelve years, killing hundreds of men. Grendel was evil by nature and never felt any remorse.

He attacked Heo rot until it finally stood empty. More than likely, Grendel attacked the mead hall because he was jealous of the king s warriors because of their joy and close kinship. He knew that he would never be able to assimilate into society because of his monstrous appearance. To compensate, he began to kill the men in the mead hall. Grendel seemed invincible and could not be injured by swords or other weapons. When he battled Beowulf, he was stunned.

Beowulf fought Grendel with no weapons or armor. He grabbed Beowulf s hand and they struggled throughout the hall. Grendel was overwhelmed and in great pain. He let out a blood-chilling wail, the howl of a loser. Finally, Beowulf ripped Grendel s arm completely off. Grendel then ran to his lair to die.

Beowulf s second battle was with Grendel s mother. In order to avenge her son s death, Grendel s mother killed on of the king s closest friends, Aes chere. Beowulf swore to seek revenge for the murder. After his speech, Beowulf jumps into the water, where Grendel's mother grabs him and carries him off to her lair, at the bottom of the lake.

In the monster's lair, the fighting starts. Beowulf finds that his sword will not injure the monster. Suddenly Beowulf notices an old heirloom sword. The weapon is so heavy that only Beowulf can lift it. Beowulf is able to sever the creature s head. He leaves the water carrying the head of Grendel s mother.

Beowulf s final battle is with the dragon that has been ransacking his kingdom. He tells his men to stay at the cave entrance because he wants to battle the dragon on his own. Beowulf called to the dragon after dressing in his battle gear. The dragon came forth and spewed hot fire at him.

Beowulf was protected by his shield. When the dragon emerged, all of Beowulf s warriors left except for Wiglaf. Wiglaf joins Beowulf in the fight against the dragon. Beowulf stabbed the dragon but it did not kill him. The dragon grabbed him and spewed poisonous venom into his body. Wiglaf stabbed the dragon but he still did not die.

Finally, Beowulf fatally wounded the dragon by stabbing him in the flank. The dragon died but, unfortunately, so did Beowulf.