What action will I take with the environment to keep it safe for future generations? My course of action will be to teach others by example. Through my lifestyle and manners, I hope to make others aware of their environment and it's constant fragile state. So many people don't understand that their actions are actually doing harm, and I plan to show them that they do. By not littering, others will see how easy it is to actually walk to the garbage can.

As I pick up trash, my peers will notice how much nicer and cleaner my surroundings seem, and will in turn want that for themselves. When I recycle, they " ll see how simple and easy it is, and what a difference it makes. Through my examples, they will see that there are alternatives, ways to make their homes and personal environments a lot healthier to live in. Eventually they will see that there is a need to preserve the environment for ourselves and our future, and reap the benefits by doing so. Eventually they " ll see that they hold that future in their hands, and that in the end it's their choice.