One of the greatest problems in American society today is a variation in the quality of education, dependent upon the wealth, or lack thereof, in particular areas. This problem is especially notorious in areas of destitution. Lower standards for the schools in these poorer neighborhoods are another step in the cycle of poverty. Without quality education, many students will graduate while lacking basic skills. Most will not go on to higher education, but instead will work menial jobs or live on welfare. I would advise the new president to provide federal funding to states with exceptionally impoverished communities.

The states would then be able to disburse these funds to schools below standards. This money would not only raise the quality of education, but it would produce graduates that are better prepared for the real world. Many more would seek to further their education at a higher learning institution. Education is meant to be preparation for adulthood, where you will work in a career to support a family. By assisting those needy schools, we will raise the level of education available to students, allowing them to get better paying jobs to better support their families.

Federal funding for schools in indigent areas could be the beginning of the end for the cycle of poverty.