Ephedrine Effects On Athletes Ephedrine Effects On Athletes Essay, Research Paper a Ephedrine Effects on Athletes Ephedrine mild, slow-acting drug used to treat moderate attacks of bronchial asthma and to relieve nasal congestion from hay fever or infection of the upper respiratory tract. Non-addictive, ephedrine may cause insomnia and restlessness. Comes from Ephedra plant also known as Ma Huang. Uses for Ephedrine-? Asthma sufferers. ? Weight Loss-Increases Metabolic Rate? Performance Enhancer? Adrenaline Stimulant Products Used In? Up Your Gas- Energy boost? Ultimate Orange- Powder usually taken before a work out use to give energy boost? Mini-Thin- Adrenaline stimulant Side Effects Ephedrine increases heart rate and has had several reports of people dieing of heart attacks during exercise. This increased blood pressure can cause nerve damage and heart palpitations.

A consumer who buys products with ephedrine in it should be aware that it could cause: ? Dizziness? Headaches? Irregular Heart Beat? Stroke? Seizures? Death Athletes who use these products will experience a boost of energy, but take the chance of serious damage to their bodies. Those athletes will also feel a crash after the activity is done because body was over exerted.