Friendship with Enkidu In the beginning Enkidu was created out of nature (clay). The Gods created him so that Gilgamesh would not be so powerful. The Goddess created Enkidu to be exactly like Gilgamesh. This made it easy for them to become friends. Enkidu used to live with the animals and he also ate grass, but because of the woman Enkidu becomes civilized. When Enkidu enters the civilized society to confront Gilgamesh, he is more prepared to befriend him.

After their wrestling match they become friends. Throughout their journey, they develop a special bond of friendship. It is so strong that Gilgamesh mother (Nin sun) considers Enkidu to be her adopted son. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are almost equal but they are also different. Once they become friends, they start to help each other out. When they went on the journey they started to care more about each other.

The more time you spend with someone the more you learn about him or her. This is even true with todays society. Ive made friends with people that I would think I would never be friends with. This is just like Gilgamesh and Enkidu because they are different in some ways. Gilgamesh is preparing to be a king while Enkidu lived with animals. I was not surprised when they became really good friends because of my experiences.

Enkidu also has to adapt to the environment and become civilized. Sometimes in order to be friends with someone you have to adapt to their lifestyle. You need to have similarities to be friends. With Enkidu and Gilgamesh they are both strong and they also looked out for each other.

The most important thing about Enkidu is him be coming civilized. He starts out at the bottom and than he meets Gilgamesh and finds his way to the top because he was civilized. That is still how it is today in our society. Everyone starts out at the bottom, but if you work hard enough you will find a way to the top. Gilgamesh saw that in Enkidu and that is ho they got so close. Students going to college are following this example.

They are studying really hard so that when they graduate they can become civilized.