College Football VS. Pro Football With a growing number of people becoming interested in professional football along with college football, I thought I would explain some of the contrasts and comparisons' between the two divisions. The first big contrast is the number of teams and number of games they play in a season. College football has 117 teams in the division 1-A, which is the top division.

There are over a thousand teams in the 5 lower divisions. College teams play any where from 11 regular season games to 13. Some conferences have conference championship games which is another game and then the bowl games (Which is the college footballs postseason, which we " ll talk about later) if you make one. So basically college teams can play any where from 11 to 15 total games in a year. All 32 pro football teams play 16 games in a regular season. If you make the playoffs you can play up to 4 more games if you keep winning games in the playoffs.

Also pro football teams play a preseason which college doesn't. The preseason can consist of four to five more games. Pro football teams can play a minimum of 16 games and a maximum of 20 games. The 2 common parts of the season for the pros and college teams is that don't play everyone in one season and they get a bye week during the year. College and pro teams use a basic set of the same plays and formations but they differ in little ways and what type of play is run. Most college teams use a run first technique and only pass when needed.

They uses what is called an option play in college, pro football doesn't use the option at all. The pros use a 50/50 between run and pass. It all depends if you have a better running back or quarterback on your pro team. In pro football when you have 4 th down you most likely will punt it away or kick a field goal, depending where you are. In college if a kicker is just out of range for a field goal and the punter is to close to punt it without going in the end zone, college teams will most likely go for it. The speed of the games is totally different.

In the pros just the best college players get to play. So the speed of the game is much faster in the pros than college. Consider just the top division in college football, which has 117 teams and multiply that by say 55-60 players per team. That is a watered down version of the speed of the pros, which is 32 teams multiply 53 players per team.

You can figure out the difference yourself (6669 to 1696). The top division in college football doesn't have a true playoff system to find a national champion. They have what are called bowl games which are a holiday tradition in America. They are special postseason games and you get invited to one if you are a good quality team or you win your conference. What college football does to find a national champion is they a controversial computer ranking system that seems to change every year.

The top two teams at the end of the regular season and conference championships, according to the computer, play in a bowl game around January 4 to decide the national championship. Their have been a lot of controversy over this system but the NCAA won't change to a playoff system cause of the tradition of bowl games. The pros use a true playoff system which has the top team in each division making the playoffs, which are 4 teams from each conference. Then each conference has two wild card teams that are the two best non division winning teams. The top two teams in each conference get a first round bye, and only have to win three games to be champion. The other 4 teams in each conference play each other.

The winner moves on and so on. The winning teams in each conference play each other in the super bowl and the winner is the champion. I hope you found my essay on professional football and college football interesting and informative. If you any other questions consult your local library, sports bar or T.

V. for your answers. The End.