As the door opened Morpheus looked into the gloom of the Heretic's ship's Engine Room. He waved behind him to his companions (Mags Marcus Trabadoron, Enforcer Louisiana and Ren grade 6127) as if saying "stay here I'll check it out." He moved forward constantly aware of everything around him, holding his trusty Shotgun. Just then he heard a noise that came from beneath the gantry he was standing on. He flung himself forward twisting in the air as he did so. He landed, gun aimed at the heavily armoured figure's head. He could not tell what the thing was but it was aiming right back at him." I surrender!" Morpheus said as he realized it was an Ork Nob." Dro' it!" The Nob said threateningly.

He did as asked and threw the gun a good 4 feet away from him. After he had done this he saw the Nob grin and raise it's gun, in the blink of an eye Morpheus drew his Bolt-pistol and fired off 2 well placed stalker silenced rounds that he had loaded earlier. The Ork went down with a gaping wound in its leg and forehead. He walked over to his Shotgun and picked it up at the same time as putting his Bolt-pistol away.

He signaled to his companions that the coast was clear and they followed him out. As they were walking along the gantry Morpheus saw something out of the corner of his eye, another Nob charging towards him. He turned and quickly drew his Frost Blade and prepared to fight the imbecile who would dare try and challenge him. The thing was clad in Mega-Armour and a Power Claw, but it was still no match for his Frost Blade, which he drove straight into, what he believed was the thing's heart. What? How? Amazingly it was still alive and thrashing more than ever as it coughed up pints and pints of green blood. Morpheus drew his Bolt-pistol, his sword still embedded in its chest and fired 2 shots into its skull at point blank range killing it, to his relief..