Hector's Death Hector, the great and mighty warrior, found himself not leading a charge this time You have not mentioned any previous time for this to reference to. , but hiding for his life. The swift runner, Achilles, is Do not change verb tense in your narration. This verb is present tense, but "found" is past tense. out to get him like a lion after an outcast lamb good image. Achilles' god-like rage burns as fire in his heart against Hector for killing Patroclus, Achilles' beloved friend.

Where is that dog", Achilles wonders, "I guess he is too scared to face me." As Hector is fleeing from Achilles, he is stopped by Pallas Athena, the grey-eyed goddess. She leads Hector to Achilles like a spider leads its prey to its web. Another good image. The two warriors are finally brought together, hearts pounding, chests heaving up and down, trying to appear calm in spite of a volcano of rage, fear and anxiety that is about to erupt. Hector is the first to speak, and breaks the dead silence by saying, "No more fleeing from you, O great Achaean. We have come to face to face.

Kill or be killed. Swear with me that if I die, you will give my body to my parents. And if I cut you down, I swear I will give your body to the Achaeans." At this, Achilles' heart turns to stone. Achilles' coldly answers, "No oaths will I make with you and there will be no more talk." good description Without further delay, Achilles hurls his spear at Hector, but Hector ducks right in time. "You missed! I thought you were the great god-like Achilles." While Hector taunts Achilles, the swift goddess goddess Athena retrieves Achilles's pear, without Hector seeing or knowing that his enemy has his weapon again. Hector then shoots his spear through the air at Achilles.

Though it hits Achilles " shield dead center, it is without effect. The spear only bounces off, leaving Hector forlorn and without a spear. Hector anxiously shouts to his armor-bearer, Deiphobus, for another spear, but Deiphobus is nowhere to be found. "That traitor is probably locked inside the city gates", thinks Hector. Hector now knows his fate is death. All Hector has left is his sword.

He does not want to stand there and let Achilles run him over. So Hector, with his sword drawn, runs like the wind at charges Achilles. At the same time, Achilles runs toward Hector. Charging Lunging at each other, Achilles, in his magnificent armor, looks like a blazing fire. As they run, Achilles examines Hector's body for the best place to throw his spear. Hector is all covered in armor, except where his neck can be seen, the nice tender flesh.

Achilles drives his spear into Hector's neck, not quite to the windpipe. Hector could still gasp out a few more words. As he falls down on the dusty ground, the great Achilles brags over Hector's dying body. "Hector, you were a fool to strike down Patroclus! Did you think you could kill him, steal away his armor and get away with it! Now you see that I am greater than you, Hector, and the Achaeans are greater than the Trojans. Troy is going to fall!" Fighting for breath, Hector said, "Let my father give you a ransom of bronze and gold.

Please spare my body and give it to them!" But Achilles' heart turns as cold and cut hard as his shield, "Don't plead anymore, thinking you can beg by your parents." Hector's helmet flashing, struggling with all his might to say, "I see my death coming and your fate too. Paris and Apollo will destroy you at the Sce an Gates!" ... His eyes close and his spirit leaves his body to go to another world.