There were numerous effects of the French and Indian War; the Peace of Paris of 1763 ended the French and Indian War, closing all French power in North America. With the Death of King George II, the new English king, King George the III, wanted to put an end to the French and Indian War, pursuing peace and agreement. With this agreement, the Peace of Paris of 1763, came many stipulations. The French lost all of their land in North America. Many of the area settlers were forced to leave their homes, and many stayed behind to fight for their country. However, British rule was already set to dominate North America.

Due to new government rule, King George III, peace was now the mindset of the English. After the Peace of Paris of 1763, land and possessions were divided among Britain and Spain. Britain got all of the French lands and possessions east of the Mississippi River and all of Florida which was owned by Spain. To make up for Spain losing Florida, they received Louisiana, which at that time was New Orleans and all the French land that was to the west of the Mississippi River. After allocating this land, the French had none left in North America. Also, in the West Indies, the French forfeited Tobago, Dominica, Grenada, and St.

Vincent, which was most of what they had in the area. Basically, the Peace of Paris of 1763 left the French with nothing, and that was the goal. The people of the Americas were also effected by the ending of the French and Indian War. After the English received Spanish Florida, they invited all of the Spanish settlers to stay and continue practicing their religion, Spanish Catholicism, but most did not stay.

The Spanish king had ordered the Spanish settlers to leave the colony and gave them all free transportation to Spanish owned lands in the Caribbean. Most of the Spanish settlers sold their property within a year at very low prices and moved to Mexico and Cuba. Th French settlers, however, mainly stayed in the area. French authority roused them not to leave, but instead to stay in the now Spanish territory and work to create a movement against further English expansion. There were a great number of French settlers in the area because the French territory, Louisiana, was very large. Most of these French settlers did stay, and although Spain owned Louisiana for almost four decades, there were always deep French roots because the French settlers always outnumbered the new Spanish settlers.

The most obvious effects of the French and Indian War were the lands being taken from the French and given to the English and Spanish. However, the French settlers remained true to their land and fought to keep what they had. The English, however, made out big receiving a lot of new land and establishing their position of domination in North America that would create a nation.