I still memorize those hot humid nights in Bali, Indonesia. I thought I fainted when I got of the plane at the airport. The heat of the air, hit me in the face, and felt like it threw me on the ground. We settled into the airport which was just one large hall which was a un organised position and uncontrollable from all passengers coming of their planes. We got our luggage and made our way to Ubud our first destination for seven quick nights. The reason of visit to this part of Indonesia was because it is near the monkey forest and temples.

This trip overseas was my very first holiday overseas and I was thrilled. The idea for a trip to Bali was because close friends said it was the best. We found out soon enough it was heaven for fake merchandise, clothing and lots of others things. We visited the monkey forest that which was a time of my life. At the front of the forest there was a shop selling peanuts for the monkeys.

We where far unaware that once we entered the forest, there where signs saying not to feed the monkeys. We then followed the path through the forest that was covered by large tree canopy and gigantic trees. We started throwing peanuts on the ground around us and monkeys hastily followed and ate on unaware of us. Once we threw a sparse amount of peanuts we got surrounded by monkeys and where outnumbered by them. My dad put his hands in his pockets, and one monkey pounced at him with no warning.

My dad shacks the monkey off and we promptly walked off to escape the attack. We visited and witnessed most interesting old temples and thousands of years old bridges. From Ubud, we made our way to Kuta that was much more of a tourist style town. Our resort was humongous with beach frontage. The next day we walk down the main road where we find that there is a large theme park called Water Bomb park close by. We then walked to the markets where there was the fake gear.

We picked up Nike, Adidas and Fila shorts and t-shirts for a ridiculously cheap price. We found out that there was a McDonalds and KFC near the market with identical fast food menu to Australia. How lucky for us. We still tried out all the international restaurants near by.

But we would never ever purchase food from the cart and food guys on the side of the road. It resembled dirty unhealthy disease filth ed food. If you haven't heard of it but you cant drink Indonesian water it is filth ed with diseases. Foreigners usually drink bottled water. But for unaware tourist from foreign countries drinking the local water you would get Bali Belly. Which will make your very dreadfully unwell and you will have to rest for a couple of days.

We then finished up our trip and got to the airport and boarded the plane. On the way down make to Victoria we flew side by side Ayres Rock and the pilot spoke over the announcement and everyone rushed to one side of the plane to look at the enormous rock. We landed in Brisbane and made our way home, but we first declared a wooden chessboard we bought from Bali to the airport staff and they sprayed a spray on it. This was a very rewarding family holiday with my mum, dad and my brother.