Egypt, Rome, Greece. All those names resemble the past, the power, the myth, the beauty, and the magnificence of the age of the empires. Over all of them, Egypt has captivated our attention over its colossal constructions, its religion, and the impossibility of the timing. Egypt contributes with mystery to the Roman Empire, with glamour through the most famous emperors, Cleopatra, and with fear, through the stories about Moises. Today we can take to life some of their costumes and artifacts through expositions like this one. Through the beauties of the pieces on itself, the information that transports us to the past, and hard work, the museum takes us from the myth closer to the reality.

The pieces that fill up the museum are living representations of the power of men three thousand years ago. The shapes of the stone, its carvings, their representations, all creates a magic world. I have been always amazed by the figures that represent human shapes with a cat s head. A bird with a lion legs.

Impossible creatures that awake the night, the dark, the living death that drove the Egyptians lives during that time. Today, the museums also offer to us accurate and understandable information about Egypt. The dark spots in the information scientists had in the past also contributed to create the mystery and the myth. Tutankamon marked an era in which new amazing discoveries were shocking the world. In the present time, even if less shocking for an average person, the information we obtain remains extremely interesting and mysterious.

Behind the museum and the exposition, we should also remain conscious of the hard work scientists had to go through to collect all this information and be able to present it to us in this way. To me, it should be also appreciated all this effort that is in front of us every time we see an exposition like this, from the people that still alive working on it today. On easy words, the exposition was good. It showed beautiful pieces, while also gave good information about them. The lights and the environment created in the museum were perfect. The only negative comment I can make is that it was too short.

I think I could have been there still until today, going over more pieces of Egypt. The exposition presented lots of interesting pieces. I guess that what attracts everybody are the pyramids, but they were kind of too difficult to bring from the dessert. A piece that took my attention was a big vase, made of marble that celebrated the pharaoh s conquest of a dissident tribe from the north.

The size of the vase shows the amount of work and also the size of the stone. I liked the carvings that were done to commemorate the battle. As Roman descendent, also in my culture we use to remember the historical passages in that way. The most impressive thing is the perfection of the work shown in all of the Egyptian art that seems impossible for that time.

I guess that the penalty of doing a bad job was enough to push harder the artists.