Andrew Laity Egypt: The Vacation Hotspot June 9, 2000 Egypt to many is considered the location to go to, if youre looking for a fantastic vacation. Egypt is a great place to visit, no matter what age, as its offers fun and excitement for anybody. Its a vacation thats guaranteed to bring lifelong memories. Who could forget looking at a Sphinx made in 2500 BC, or taking pictures of the Nile, or even taking a camel ride across the dessert. A tourist can potentially do all of these things and still make back to their accommodation for diner. Egypt lies in the northeast corner of the African continent at the where Africa and Asia meet.

Egypt has an area of 386, 900 square miles, roughly the size of Texas and California together. It has four main regions, the Nile and Delta Valleys, the Western and Eastern Deserts, and the Sinai Peninsula, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. The Western desert itself is part of the great Sahara, and covers about two thirds of Egypt, which is about 600 feet above sea level. However the heart and core of Egypt is for sure the Nile. The Nile at some points span 14 miles wide, and cuts through the desert for 750 miles, from the Sudanese frontier to Cairo. Eating to the people of Egypt is like a social event.

The people usually have a quick lunch consisting of a sandwich filled with sliced lamb. However, Cairo, Egypt is the place were real dining takes place, as the food is prepared with great care. A typical meal starts with an assortment of the following; smoked sardines, stuffed eggs, rich chopped meats, and tiny delicate rolls. The Egyptians usually eat a great deal of rice and seafood. They also love highly seasoned foods and use a variety of spices in preparation of most meat and fish dishes. Egypts climate is drastically different than the climate that we are in, as it consists of great tropical deserts with extreme intense heat in the middle of the summer Cairo receives only about one inch of rain per year.

The noon temperature in mid summer reaches up to 110 degrees, but when sun sets the temperature drops and its more cool. The winters are healthy and pleasant with clear sunny days and cool nights. In winters, the temperature range from 55 to 70 degrees. During April and May, hot storms called khamsin's blow in from the south, filling the air with sandy dust.

However, some rain does pour in the north coast, but quickly disappears when the clouds go inland. Certain desert areas have only experienced rain once in the past 100 years. Cairo, 100 miles inland, usually receives only 3 inches of precipitation a year. Cotton is Egypts most important crop and makes up 70 per cent of its export. The country is known worldwide as the leading nation in cotton production, and in Egypt it has been as high as it has been since the time of the American Civil War. Egypt has good crops of potatoes, millet, beans, rice, sugar cane, wheat and onions.

Sheep, goats, and cattle are mainly raised in Egypt for meat and all the villagers keep chickens on their property for eggs that they depend on for food and income. Buffaloes, horses, donkeys, and camels do all the heavy work that tractors do in the Western world.