Abstract The four functions of management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, are very essential in building strong organizations and even stronger more effective teams. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the functions of management. These function activities must be preformed my all managers regardless of their industry level, title, or the task they have at hand. These four management skill are used when ever a project or a task is at hand.

Even in the field we are working in, many of us may have been using the four management functions and not noticed what they were, or we may have been a part of a team that was lead by the functions of management and not noticed what was going on. Functions of Management 3 The Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling The functions of management are defining the roles and responsibility of each and ever team member. I will define the functions and explain how each function is used at my work place. My role in the functions of management in the work place is a team member where I have a Business Department Chair and my team member and I are the business instructors where we take care of the student who are enrolled in Business Office Applications, Web Design, Business Diploma Programs, and Technical Support and Networking. Planning Planning is defined as setting goals and deciding the course of actions we need to take to be successful, putting together the rules and procedures on reaching our goal, putting together the plans on how we must proceed with our process, and deciding where you want the work place to be in the future.

The planning stage is where all the other pats of management begin from and it is important at all levels of management. The way planning is used at the college where I work, is after each semester or during the break in-between each semester we have a departmental meeting where we sit and discuss what happened during the past quarter and then we plan and discuss what we want to happen for the following semester. We set goals on how many students we want in each of the business programs and what actions we need to take in order to make our plan be a success. Also at this particular stage our Department Chair tells us what she expect of us are team member and role models for our students. Organizing Organizing is identifying what jobs need to be done, and hiring the qualified people to do them. Functions of Management 4 The way organizing is used at the college is the Department Chair has to define the roles and responsibilities of each instructor and to ensure that the instructors skill matches the class they were assign to teach.

This function is important in order for the semester to be successful. Leading Leading is defined and having to influence the people in the team to get the job done, molding the company and managing conflict and team communications The way leading is used at the college is not only does the Department Chair assigns us a task to do or organize particular team events, but her role sometimes switches to team member because she steps in and gives us a helping hand on the task the has been assigned to us as the business department. Controlling Controlling is related to each of the following functions of management. Controlling builds on the planning, organizing, and leading stage.

Team members and employees often see controlling as negative, because controlling often leads to the manager expecting the team member or the employees to change their behavior or to act according the way they want them to act. Corrective criticism is necessary when performance is below management standards and sometimes is taken to wrong way. The way controlling is used at the college is when we, as team members are ask to do a task and it is not done to the specifications of the Business Department Chair she steps in and offer corrective criticism and as employees me must make the correct adjustments in order to please the Department Chair and the College. Conclusion In any type of business the four functions of management is very important if you want your business or organization to be successful. A management function is the heart of many Functions of Management 5 businesses. Understanding the management function process and then working together as a team provides managers with the recipe for putting together a great organization.

So weather you are the manager or a team member, the part you play in the functions of management is very important.