The theme of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein is when you play God it will always come back to plague you. Frankenstein is a creature created from dead flesh sewn together like a jigsaw puzzle of human parts. Victor Frankenstein is the mastermind behind the creation and becomes haunted with the unthinkable of what nature can produce. Nature proved to be more powerful than man. Playing God left Victor Frankenstein with nothing to love and a freak of nature. Frankensteins monster is a garbled blend of body parts and flesh.

Victor Frankenstein used this knowledge to create life with dead parts with a monster as its outcome. The monster was created with superhuman strength and no sense of feeling for life. The monster escaped and went on a rampage to get revenge against Victor for creating him. Frankenstein was a great and unimaginable creation but it was also taking the place of nature and nature proved it was the better half. During the 1800 s in Europe Victor Frankenstein created a creature of bizarre features that was brought to life through electricity. Victor Frankenstein was very interested in natural philosophy and chemistry and basically tried to play God by creating life.

He found the secret of activating dead flesh and created a superhuman being composed of rotted corpses. Victor received a letter about his brothers death and could only feel responsible for what he had assembled. Victor would soon learn that his great creation would also be his demise. Frankensteins monster was given life with no knowledge of what to expect from the world around it.

The monster was on a rampage with no harm intended, but fatally killed William, Victors younger brother, and in a way killed Justine Moritz when she was convicted of the murder of William and later put to death. As soon as Victor and his creation met again the monster confessed everything of what it had been through. Society didnt accept him. Th death of William was revenge, and he would promise to live away from society for the rest of his life. The monster had never intended on hurting anyone but never learned right from wrong and everything turned out violent.

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein was an intense novel, not for the fear because there was hardly any but for the hidden message. Mary Shelley definitely wanted the reader to know not to mess with nature and to let nature takes it course. This book is great for the teen community. There wasnt one section of Frankenstein that I was bored with, I enjoyed most of it.

Victor had an artificial masterpiece and nature had a great retaliation.