ISENGARDBiographyIsengard was formed during October 2002 by the two guitarists Ramy Sidky and Wael Sameh... Their aim was to create and develop artful and innovative melodic music. After a short period of time, the bassist Abdalla, who had been jamming with the guitarist Ramy Sidky for a long time, joined the band. Then an intensive seek for a drummer and a vocalist took place by the band members until the drummer Ahmed Abdelsalam joined the band. Knowing that power metal vocalists are rare species! The vocalist Yehia Khamees joined the band after a long search for one... The band was completed then, and started working on some covers for Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Manowar (these great bands are our heroes and teachers! ).

No originals were done at this period. After nearly a month, the drummer Abdelsalam left the band as he was totally uninterested in this music. The band then had to look for another drummer quickly, as we were in a stage of growth... During this time, Foad Ahmed was appointed as an organizer for the band. This period was a period of inactivity for the band, as the band stopped jamming and rehearsing for a long time, especially when the bassist Abdalla left the band. That period was so bad for the band and the rest of the band members (Ramy Sidky, Wael Sameh, Yehia Khamees and Foad Ahmed) started looking for a bassist and a drummer.

Many bassists and drummers were tried during this period and none of them was fixed in the band line-up... At that time, no new covers were done and the band was in a state of inactivity and just concentrated on getting a bassist and a drummer. Continuous search took place, until the drummer Moataz Rashad, who had also been jamming with the guitarist Ramy Sidky for a long time, was added to the band. After a very short period of time, the bassist Tarek, who played in Nemesis, joined the band...

This created a sort of ambition and enthusiasm for the band members, which lead to intensive practice and rehearsals in the studios, especially after the first jam with Moataz and Tarek, which was very successful and satisfactory, and which included the rehearsal of the first original for Isengard "Coming Wars" (composed by the guitarist Wael Sameh and written by the vocalist Yehia Khamees), which got the appreciation of many individuals and local bands. Then the band started working on new covers, while writing new original tracks. And the band, then, received an offer for a gig in a great university concert.