Nothing This paper is about nothing. Have you ever wrote a paper on noting? WEll today I have it is an interesting topic. There is nothing in everything. Nothing comes out of your mouth many times a day. PEople ask what is wrong, and you reply, nothing. It is a very versatile word that you never quite learn to appreciate and I realized this as I was writing about nothing! Now I have wrote this stupid paper on noting and the site still will not let me join.

I do not understand. NOw they tell me that the paper has to be 20 words or more so I have to keep babe ling on like it is nothing. But it is it is very hard just to write a paper out of the blue so that you can look at other peoples papers it is a very interesting way of looking at things. I am pleased that this pape is almost through so that I do not have to write any more today because its retarded. Why am I doing this? I do not know and neither do you. Why do you care? Well you probably don't so why do I ask? I will stop the questions now so I gotta see if this is long enough.

They still say that this is not 250 words or more so I have to keep writing and I don't like to write it is boring and I don't like it one bit. It snowed last night and the snow is starting to melt write now. I was hoping that it would stay all day but I should have known better there is no way that we could keep snow for one whole day. It is retarded that we live in weather that doesn't even permit snow to live for a day..