Subj: Hey BABY Date: 2/11/01 5: 01: 54 PM Mountain Standard Time From: Hockey Man 32 To: Jake 729 Hey jack. how are you? i'm hope in good. i'm doing really good (knock on wood). Yeah I had a great time last night.

sorry I was a lie shy at first but i didn't really know how to start so I just started be in myself, Yeah you are an awesome chic. and a whole lot prettier in person. Yeah I was all happy when I left. hope you were too. yeah that was an intense night. i wish i could a stayed longer.

yeah i definitely wanna do somethin soon. Danielle was say in somethin about going to a movie Weds. night. so did you feel anything last night, like a click or anything? Cause i think I did.

seems like there is chemistry. yeah I want to do somethin soon. i liked when you and me were just chill in on the couch. good stuff. yeah and i can't forget about the hug, even if i am taller who cares. yeah i want to meet your parents.

i'm sure my mom will want to meet you in no time. my dad will just be all like what up. yeah i want to give you a call tonight but you told me to call you this week so i guess i'll have to wait. it's worth waiting for. but i think im gonna go shopping with my friend so maybe if you get some time tonight and wanna call me feel free too. well i'm gonna be go in so I will c ya later ok.

bye babe.