Water and Salt water sound similar, at first you would think that but as soon as you research either of them you " ll find that the only thing they have one thing in common water. This pair brings to mind somewhat of a similar situation in golf and frisbee golf. One would think that you frisbee golf is just golf with a frisbee but this is not so it s deeper than that. When you experience both of these it come to you, although they share similar names golf and frisbee golf have many differences between them. It is easy to conclude that the equipment differs in golf and frisbee golf. When golfing you use fifteen clubs and a ball, the clubs allow you to hit shots at different lengths.

The ball you use consists of hard plastic that varies in the way they grip the green and the way they fly through the air. You hit the ball at a hole with a three-inch diameter by hitting the ball with the club. When playing frisbee golf you use frisbee's made from a hard plastic for durability. When picking out your frisbee you must take a lot of other things into consideration such as: color, weight, design and flight pattern. You also may find it necessary to obtain two frisbee's one being a driver and the other being a putter. The driver is for maximum distance but not accuracy and the putter is for the opposite.

You throw these frisbee's at hanging chains with a cup underneath. I think beginners should play where they get the frisbee to hit any part of the chains or the pole in the air. So if you throw it and nick the chains its as good as putting it in the cup, making it easier so you don't get so discouraged. This also helps them experiment with how the frisbee flies and how to get it to fly other ways.

To recap golf uses two types of equipment and frisbee golf uses just one, also in golf the club propels the ball as opposed to frisbee golf where your arm throws the frisbee. There is really only one traditional swing in golf. This is a fluid take back followed by a controlled rip at the ball. In frisbee golf you have many choices of how you want to throw the frisbee, it comes down to a matter of how it needs to fly and what you feel most comfortable with.

The first and most basic throw involves a overhand or regular throw, this is a consistent throw but you don't get much distance if you haven't perfected it. Also the side arm under hand throw, this throw goes far but it baffles people with its inconsistency with it. Next the chuck my favorite throw because it wows people with all of its flips. To get this effect you have to throw the frisbee like a baseball while snapping your wrist as hard as you can at the end of the throw. The use of the equipment differs in both sports, thus differentiating golf from frisbee golf in yet another aspect. An enormous difference between golf and frisbee golf is the cost of both of them.

Golf can be a very expensive sport when you factor in the clubs, balls and green fees your looking at least five hundred dollars just to start off. The price is so high because you have to buy fifteen clubs, which are not easy to mass produce and green fees which go toward cutting the grass of the course everyday and keeping the grass healthy. To contrast you can spend seven dollars to get started and not ever have to spend any more money. That seven dollars goes toward buying a frisbee greens fees don't exist on a frisbee golf course you play free everyday. As important as the equipment can be the player remains the most important thing, you can have the most expensive golf clubs and still not be able to hit the ball consistently.

The people who play golf decently have to have a lot of free time, you have to work hard and long to be considered good at golf. Also they tend to have wealthy privileged backgrounds in which their parents got them interested early. Frisbee golfers tend to be laid back because they have the opportunity to play as frequently as they would like. It does not challenge you in the way that golf does because the game can be played decently after your first three rounds. Difficulties and challenges in sport can turn you away from a sport or attract you to it even more. Golf has an abundance of challenging areas such as short game.

I have heard people say that they can't putt or chip no matter how hard they practice. Then the other players say they can't hit the ball straight, I am most intrigued by how challenging golf is and how much time you must dedicate to be good. In frisbee golf the only difficulty is getting used to the throw, as I said before you can accomplish this in a few rounds. Interesting as it sounds this fact that pulls me in to frisbee golf. To sum it up the immense difficulty of golf attracts me but at the same time I can't sop playing frisbee golf because of its simplicity. That sounds weird I know but these two sports have an inescapable hold on me.

To conclude golf and frisbee golf have many differences between them, the people who play, the equipment you use, the way you use the equipment, and the difficult areas of the two. Despite the differences they share one important similarity, the fact that they are both games of the highest quality. Knowing all of this it is up to you to go out and experience both of them.