Essay on Atticus Finch To show love to a child, parents usually will talk, spend time, and have fun with their children. In To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch uses these normal ways to show his children that he loves them. He shows he loves his children by spending time with them and by caring for them. Atticus demonstrated his love for Jem and Scout by spending time with them. For example, he often read to Scout. Atticus makes Scout feel wanted by considering her interests above his.

Also, Scout is able to develop a good relationship with Atticus during this time. In addition, Atticus waits for them after school. At Scout's young age, the security of seeing her father waiting for her is a good feeling. When a person is feeling good, the person is relaxed and not emotional. By spending time with his children, Atticus shows that he loves them.

Atticus also demonstrated his love for Jem and Scout by caring for them. For example, he hired Calpurnia, a black cook, to care for the kids while he is not there. Having Calpurnia at the house enables Jem and Scout to interact with a black person. Also, when Atticus is not home, Calpurnia is there to make sure the kids aren't getting into trouble. In addition, Atticus does not let Scout make fun of Walter Cunningham. The respect Atticus demands sets high standards for both of the kids.

It also teaches Scout that not all people are as lucky as her to have food on the table and live in a house. Caring for his children shows Atticus loves them. Jem and Scout will turn out to be good people because of the standards their dad keeps them to. They will be positive people who will have an optimistic way at looking at life. Overall, Atticus' way of showing Jem and Scout he loves them is good..