Black Beauty This book is for those who love animals. Everybody can enjoy reading this, but this book will especially move people who love animals. This is the story about a horse named Black Beauty. He was a wise, brave, fine horse.

He had a lot of hard experiences. He could understand men's words and feelings. He was sold several times, and had various kinds of masters. Some people treated him very well, others did cruelly.

Although he had a hard time because of men's elfish ness, he served them very well through his almost all life. A wonderful thing happened at the end of the story. Through the story, he was the narrator. A black horse was born of the wise, well-treated one. His mother told him the manner to serve men as a good horse. She said to him, 'The better you behave, the better you will be treated.

Do your best to please your master.' As he was trained, he grew handsome. After getting basic skills, he was taken away to Birtwick Park, apart from his mother. At Birtwick Park he met a little pony named Merry legs and tall brown mare with a long handsome neck named Ginger there. They became good friends each other. His master named him Black Beauty. The groom, John trained him very well.

Black Beauty performed great exploits. He was very happy. One day, new groom, Joe Green who was a fourteen-year boy, joined there. After Black Beauty's great work to save the life of his ill mistress, Joe didn't take proper care of him, so he nearly died. John was very angry, but he knew Joe was not bad.

After that, Joe learned many things quickly and became a good groom gradually. Three years later, his master had to move to a warm climate for his wife's health. Therefore, Black Beauty and Ginger were sold and they moved to Earl shall Park. They worked as carriage horses. It was very hard, but they bore. Nevertheless, they live happily.

One day, the accident happened. Reuben was gentle and clever as a manager of horses, and as a driver. He had, however, one fault that he sometimes drank too much. He drove Black Beauty unmercifully until he was injured.

Black Beauty knew something was wrong, but of course he could not tell Reuben so. Finally, he fell because of his broken hoof, and Reuben died. Everyone knew the cause of it and did not blame him at all. But by reason of the scar on his knees, he was sold. After that, he was sold several times.

When he worked as a cab-horse with a nice master, Jerry, he accidentally met Ginger. It was a poor creature with hopeless dull eye. She was suffering all her life, which was full of work. She told him that she wanted to die. He could not tell her anything. After a short time, he saw a dreadful dead horse.

He was sure it was Ginger. At the same time, he hoped it was, for then, her troubles would be over. He was sold again to another cabman, Skinner. He was such a hard man that he gave Black Beauty no rest. Black Beauty wished he were dead like Ginger.

He fell because of overworking, but escaped death thanks to some kind men. He could not work, so he was sold by a farmer. Several months later, he had recovered, so he was taken to the ladies' house. They liked him, and promised that they never sell him.

The groom saw him and said, 'You must Black Beauty! Do you remember me?' It was Joe Green! He was now a fully-grown man and the kindest groom. The story ended here. Black Beauty will live happily his whole life there. This story was divided into twelve chapters.

Each chapter was full of impressive scenes. It had many phrases which showed the consideration each other. I have never read this kind of wonderful book. I was moved Beauty's faithfulness. But I recognized however self-centered men were. When I read this, I could imagine every situation.

This was beautiful story and one of my favorites. Written By Anna Sewell.