The war in Iraq is a waste of our country's time and funds. September 11, 2001 two high jacked planes collided with New York's World Trade Center, and the Pentagon in Washington. Following the attacks, President Bush declared war on terrorism. For the past four years, American and other allied troops have entered the Middle East to cleanse terrorism. Such terrorist leaders as, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have been brought down. But, why is our country still spending so much time and funds across seas? The loss of funds and American soldiers does not seem worth all the trouble.

So far, the federal government has spent over two hundred billion dollars fighting a war against Iraq. The Administration for funding has made four successful supplemental requests for billions of dollars. The first included approximately fifty four billion for the Iraq War, the second seventy billion, and the third twenty billion. The Administration made a fourth request for eighty-one billion which sixty-one billion is related to the Iraq War. American citizens have been deprived of money needed to fund our country with its needs. Our Children's education funding has been cut because, of the war in Iraq.

Environmental funding has also been cut and cutting the energy funds has caused pollutant energy methods to be used. Aids and immunization resources have been cut due not enough support form health funds. Tax rates have even increased due to the battle overseas and veterans might even suffer from the war. United Sates has lost over two thousand brave men and women in action since the beginning of the war. Ten thousand American soldiers have been wounded in the conflicts with terrorism. There are over two hundred fifty American soldiers overseas.

The United Kingdom also, has troops involved with the conflict in Iraq; they also have given their lives for the fight on terrorism.