Is Life Beautiful? In the movie Life Is Beautiful Roberto Benin a plays a Jewish father married to an Italian wife. This movie had many ups, downs, happy parts, and sad parts, but almost all seemed quite accurate and touching. My favorite part in the movie was when he was helping wait a party which his uncle was catering. His uncle had a beautiful horse which he praised greatly. While they were at the party Roberto's uncle had rode his horse to the party and had it standing outside.

Soon however his uncle came and got him to show him his horse. When they went out to see it someone had dyed it green and wrote 'Jewish Horse' on it with blue dye. This incident in its self was both disgraceful and humiliating to Roberto's cousin, Roberto, and any other Jew. Roberto, however, rode the horse into the party, picked up his girlfriend and then rode out of the party with both of them on the horse. The reason this part was so touching was because it showed how Roberto could always find something good in any situation. The only part of the movie that was not realistic was the idea of Roberto's son, Joshua, could have stayed alive in the concentration camp for the entire time.

The reason this part seemed so unbelievable was because of some of the survivor's stories of incidents that happened in concentration camps. For example in Elie Wesel's book Night he told stories of sons killing their father for a piece of bread, or guards getting hung for being too nice to prisoners and many others. So from those stories the reader assumes that the prisoners would do anything to stay alive or get some more food. So if a prisoner would of thought they might get killed for not telling the guards of a kid hiding, which they most likely would have, they would tell the guard. That was the only part of the movie that would give the views doubts other then that it was a great movie..