We have been taught that it is important to know history so that we can understand and learn from past mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future. Therefore, attending the Holocaust Museum should be mandatory because the museums unique interactive exhibits allows people to relive the inhumanity of the Holocaust and to have a hands on experience with the events leading to and ending World War II. The Holocaust Museum did a remarkable job of involving the visitors during the tour. It was as if we turned back time and actually relived the whole ordeal as first hand witnesses.

Throughout the tour there were many exhibits recreating the crucial events leading to the Holocaust, and reenactments of meetings leading to the final decision to begin the execution of the Jews. The museum exhibits clearly gave everyone a better understanding and feeling of the struggles that the Jews went through during the war. Through old documents and pictures displayed on exhibits throughout the tour, the visitors were showered with horrific and heroic information that you simply don't get from textbooks or films. The Hall of Testimony was an emotional exhibit where visitors watched films and listened to experiences of Jewish people who were involved in the concentration camps. The Hall of Testimony was a dark and gloomy room ironically representing a gas chamber.

It gave people a sense of deeper understand ment and fear of what was actually going on. It felt as if you were actually in a gas chamber waiting for your final hours of life. Watching dramatic videos of the Jewish people being stripped of their clothing and separated from their loved ones to enter the gas chambers became very emotional and hard to watch. It made everyone in the room both psychologically and physically aware of the actual sufferings that occurred during the Holocaust. I don't believe that I have ever been fully aware of the tragedies and sorrows that occurred during the Holocaust. Throughout many years of learning about the Holocaust in junior high, high school, and college, I still felt a sense of emptiness about the whole ordeal as I walked into the Museum of Tolerance.

However, when I walked out of the museum I felt as if I was a new man. I began realizing how cruel the world can be and how much the people living in this world today can improve it by showing equality towards one another. I believe that the Museum of Tolerance makes people aware of the worlds tragedies and how people can improve so history doesn't repeat itself. Involving the visitors during the tour of the Holocaust Museum enables us to get in the minds of the victims as if we were one of them. Then truly you begin to realize the pain and sorrows that they experienced during the Holocaust. Reading and familiarizing yourself about the Holocaust from textbooks will help you understand little bits about the actual war.

However, I strongly recommend attending the Museum of Tolerance to gain a true sense of compassion that is not gained in the classroom.