Doing the right Thing What do you think Spike Lee intended us to conclude? I think Spike Lee wanted his audience to conclude that there are many solutions to one problem, Depending on your moral rules. Who's to say what is morally right or wrong. Did Mookie do the right thing? Did anybody? No, Mookie did not do the right thing. According to my moral rules that is. By throwing the trash can through the window Mookie only made the situation worse. I don't feel that anybody did the right thing.

Although, it was good that they were standing up for their neighborhood, they could have done it another way. For Example stop eating at Sal's until he agreed to make his restaurant a more diverse environment. What did the Korean store owner mean when he said he was black too? When the Korean store owner said he was black too he wasn't referring to race. I believe he was talking in relations to morals and values. I think he was trying to express the fact that the understands what the crowd was angry about and that he himself being a minority can relate. Is this film advocating inclusive or exclusive multiculturalism.

Doing the right thing advocated inclusive multiculturalism. This is a neighborhood that is diverse. There are blacks, Italians, and Koreans all living and working together in one neighborhood. Confratation began only when Biggin out feels there is a lack of inclusive multiculturalism in Sal's pizzeria, because there is no pictures of African Americans on his restaurant walls only Italians. Can there be different moral rules for different Ethnic and cultural groups? Should there be? Yes, there can be different moral rules for different ethnic and cultural groups. Every culture should be allowed to follow their own set of moral rules to a certain extent.

The only time there should be a regulation on moral rules is when some ones life is at stake. Does Spike Lee present his characters as Stereotypes. Yes, most people assume that Italians own pizza shops and Koreans own grocery stores, blacks listen to loud music on boom boxes. Spike Lee included all these ster o types in Doing the right thing.

Not to mention the selection of names he chose for the characters.