the poem titled " ode on a grecian urn' was written by a twenty three year old, john Keats during a very chaotic time of his life. during that time his brother tom had died and he had met and tragically had fallen in love with fanny brawn e -- his next-door neighbor whom he was unable to marry due to his illness. Keats attempts to put his concerns and feelings about living, love, art, religion, death and eye 5 upon a grecian urn. 'ode on a grecian urn' represents a object of greek civilization, an urn painted with the scenes from greek life. at the beginning of the ode, the poet is standing before an urn, and speaks to it as if it were alive. he treats the urn not as a subject but like it is a human.

he workers about the figures on the side of the urn, and asks what legend they portray, and where they are from. Keats uses a words 'un ravish'd bride' meaning a virgin bride, a bride who has not been taken though she is married. the poet is turning the vase and sees the picture on the urn that shows musicians and lovers in a setting of country beauty. the author tries to identify with the characters because to him they represent the timeless perfection that only art can capture. unlike the reality of living, the urn's characters are frozen in time.

the lovers will always love, though they will never consummate their desire. the musicians will always play under the trees that will never lose their leaves, and he is happy for the trees. nevertheless while the urn is beautiful and everlasting, it is not real or alive. the lovers, where forever young and gappy will never really touch or become close. but because the times never change on the urn, they won't see time go by, and they will be young forever.