Some of the people interviewed for this film suggest that Americans can always refuse to eat fast food, but is it really that easy? No, because there are many factors involved when an individual of family decide to eat fast food for any particular meal of the day. Several factors in this decision include but are not limited to: Firstly most people pack their day with activities continuously so there is not much time left in the day to cook. Secondly children play a large role in whether a mother will stop at McDonalds. In a society where the thought of idle hands as the devils workshop, more people are joining more gym clubs, children are participating in more extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, and the like. More people are going back to extend their education, and subsequently forced to attend classes in the evening.

Couple this with parents who work at night or families who have teen-age children who are independent and these factors equal families who spend more time in restaurants than they do in their own kitchen. When families get home late in the evening then dinner often become a snack. This is not to say that every family in America follows this routine, but Caucasians in particular are most likely to become victim to this trend. Caucasians in particular encourage their children to participate in anything. Families who have two parents working have an opportunity to maybe enjoy a home cooked meal a couple nights a week. McDonald's marketing plan is a clever ploy direct at the children of this planet.

If not for children and their addiction to clowns, and maybe time factors, mothers would have no reason to stop at fast food restaurants. A great deal of McDonald's have a play land where the parents can come to appease their child and end up sitting for a two or three hours. Many women meet and make it a social activity. This is how the beginning of eating unhealthy begins. As a result of this, people grow and become cozy with the idea of McDonalds. The only way in my personal opinion to slow down, and realize that you will not really miss anything if you do not join this particular club.

The problem of always deciding to eat out can be eliminated if both parents commit to making sure that each day of the week a meal is cooked. If the families plan and attempt to always have food cooked in an event someone in the family is hungry, their would be no need to make the decision to order in.