LSD stands for Iysergic acid. LSD is a hallucinate know to be the most powerful drug of this kind. LSD is commonly known as acid. This drug changes a person's mental state by distorting the perception of reality to the point where at high doses hallucination occurs. Acid is derived from a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. It is semi-synthetic.

It's manufactured chemically in illicit laboratories, except for a small percent, which is produced legally for research. A very minute does can significantly alter ones perception to the point of hallucination. Hallucination is when a person hears, or sees thing that don't really exist. LSD is the most potent hallucinate.

Approximately 100 times stronger than psilocybin, and 4000 times stronger than mescaline. LSD as it is pure is a white, odorless crystalline powder that is water-soluble. But because an effective does of the drug when it is pure is almost invisible it is mixed with other substances such as sugar and packaged in capsules, tablets, solutions, or spotted on to gelatin pieces of blotting paper. Dosages Acid is normally taken orally but sometimes is inhaled or injected, but there is a big risk that you might get infections or Aids while using unsterile needles or sharing with others. The effects of LSD depend on several factors like: - The amount taken at one time- The user's past drug experience - The manner in which it is taken- The circumstances under which the drug is taken, place, presents of other people eat These factors are especially important with the use of acid. The effects of LSD on any user or even the same user but at different times are difficult to predict.

Short-term effects These effect will appear a few hours after usage and disappear in hours or days: Physical effects like, numbness, muscle weakness and trembling, rapid reflexes, increased blood pressure, heart rate, and temperatures, impaired motor skills and coordination, dilated pupils, nausea and sometimes seizers. Dramatic changes in perception, thought, and mood occur shortly after physical effects. These may include: - Pseudo-hallucinations that the user is aware of. - Distorted perception of times. - Distance- Gravity- The space between oneself and the environment- Fusion of the senses (music is seen, colors are heard) Many users experience unpleasant reactions to acid. Fear, anxiety, and depression, even users who have had no prior "bad trips" users feel that they are losing there identity, disintegrating into nothing.

It is easy to get but at other times it can be hard to find. PCP is frequently passed off as LSD to the unsuspected buyer. The popularity on the street is a factor in buying it. If it is popular then you can get it cheaper and easier.