National Forest There are many National Forests in the United States, and they are spread over the whole country. National Forest also have a huge variety of climates. Ranging from the very cold weather of the Chugach National Forest in Alaska to the warm weather of the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana or even to the intermediate weather like our on Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio. National Forest are also very helpful towards humans and the way we live. On the other side of the hand they may also be harmful to us. Indeed there are many interesting things in the world of National Forest today.

Like I said before the climates in National Forest are different that means that the animals that live there are also different. For example Polar Bears won't live in Florida and alligators won't live in Alaska. The Chugach National Forest has animals likes the moose, the black bear or the elk and has a huge variety of fish to go with it. But the Kisatchie National Forest has the wild turkey to go along with many different other kinds of birds, and fish, and deer.

The Wayne National Forest has animals from deer to foxes to turkeys and even some black bear, it also has many birds and fish. Some of the good things about National Forest is that they give us plenty of oxygen to breath to begin with. They also give us some really beautiful scenery for us to look at and many animals to admire. Without them every tree in the United States would probably be cut down and used for probably useless things. The National Forest give plants for animals to eat and give animals for humans to hunt and kill with some regulations in the process then you can eat them.

Not only can you eat the animals that you hunt you can eat the animals that you fish for just make sure that the fish isn't poisonous before you eat it or else. It gives you beautiful plants and trees that gives us oxygen to breath and it also gives us plenty of fish and animals to hunt and fish for and eat if we want. Then there is some of the bad things about the National Forest. Like protecting how many of the animals we kill witch could feed many starving people in other countries. Also by not letting people kill a lot of animals the animals could get really over populated and overrun the city streets.

There are actually some bad things to the National Forest but there aren't many. National Forests are one of the best things that the United States has inside it's borders. There are so many National Forest in the United States and they are not located to one spot in the country so no matter where someone lives there is a National Forest nearby. Whether you want the cold temperatures in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska or the warm temperatures of the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana or the really unexpected weather of the Wayne National Forest in Southeastern Ohio. You can choose which ever place that you want to go just make sure that you know where you are and what kind of animals are there whether you are in Alaska with black bears or in Louisiana with wild turkeys or in Ohio with both be prepared. There are a lot of good things to a National Forest and there aren't many bad things.

So help protect a National Forest near you.