Compare and contrast essay. English 320 For my compare and contrast essay, I have decided to compare two magazines in the financial and business world of entrepreneurs. The name of the first magazine is " Small business opportunities" and the second magazine is "Entrepreneurs - Be your own boss " The theme of the first magazine is to highlight, how and what type of businesses to start and make money without putting in much of the hard work. The very first page of the magazine shows an absolute image of the man and women dressed up with lots of money and a road of success. The magazine rapidity claims" Sure ways to make money." It seems like editor is personally involved in guaranteeing the success of the business with highlighting text displaying "Make $40 Million with eco-friendly herbs and sprouts" or "Make 15 million in the first year with Dollar Variety stores " As I am turning and reading pages more and more, I realize that this magazine is not meant to show issues, techniques, pros and cons of starting up a business but it is more like infomercials showing the top returns one can reap from his investments. The magazine forces me to realize that I am missing a essential experience in my life by not starting up the business.

The magazine displays beautiful color and picture schemes. The magazine also highlights few of the success stories of the entrepreneurs. Overall this magazine makes business as a seamless transition of normal day today activity to a profit generating machine, but to some extent it also highlights few realistic and attainable goals. The second magazine takes much simpler approach towards audiences. The cover page is much simpler yet attractive without any graphics simply saying "Low cost businesses you can start today." The very first page is well displayed; it contains popular franchise information.

The magazine takes a step by step approach to guide an individual with general topics like "How to start up and build a business." It seems like editor has no bias towards the information presented. The emphasis of this magazine is on the presenting more information about a product rather then just giving the monitory figures. The color and layout of the magazine is very simple and professional. Editor shows concern of misleading ads and puts emphasis on starting small. Towards the middle of the magazine in which he presents a simple but very well laid out table of the popular franchises, with topics like demographics, startup cost and brief introduction of the provider.

In the last part of the magazine editor has put together a list of other sources and publication to inform and pursue readers to research more rather have them jump to conclusion by just looking at inflated figures. In conclusion, I have found that both of these magazines are very different and appeals to different class of people. The first magazine is not for the startup businessman but for somebody who can sense a foe or real business offer. The second magazine is a starting point for new entrepreneurs who want to start small but need a peek into their desired line of business.