Farming am doing my paper on farming because that is my job and the pay gets s me through college. Farming is a very important and a very hard job at times. A lot of farmers don't get much credit for all the work they do and they don't get much pay for it either. When most farmers grow in age they start to get crippled and start to get arthritis. All farmers have a few stories about their experiences on the farm.

I am going to tell you about some of mine and some of my boss's. The other things I am going to wrote about in this paper is some of the equipment we use, the number of cows he milks, the animals he has on his farm, stuff about his family and himself. The farm I work at is located by Gilman, Wisconsin. It is one of the biggest farms in that area.

The farm that I work on is owned by Earl Oberlin. He is fifty-five years old and has been farming for more than twenty years; before he started farming he haled gravel for a place called Olympics Trucking. He worked there for ten years and really didn't like it a hole lot. He has four kids and there are three boys and one girl. He has been married for about twenty-five years and his wife is an Elementary Pry.

Ed. teacher G-man. The names of his kids are Shauna, Dave, Chad, Dinettes, and his wife's name is Mrs. Obverse.

He started out milking cows with just pipe line and regular milers. Now he uses automatic take off millers and that is lot easier on his back that is why he said he got them. He uses seven milers while he only milks about sixty-four cows and that only takes us on a good day about an hour in a half. Earl owns about three hundred and fifty acres of land at this point and most of it is farmland that he uses for crops.

He has Twenty calves and twelve heifers in his barn right now. Some of the machines that he uses are a TMR mixer that mixes all of the feed for the cows up and there is an elevator that comes off the end of the mixer and puts it in the bunk were the cows go to eat it. We us ely mix about thirty-five hundred pounds of feed for them each day. We do the same thing for the calves but that is only about five hundred pounds. He has two silos that go into the mixer and they are full of haulage in one and oats in the other one. We also put protein, minerals, corn silage, and grain in the animals feed.

Another machine that he uses is a skid steer and he uses that to scrape manure, pick things up, push big rocks, and to shovel snow in the winter time. He also has four tractors that we use on the farm. There is three fords and one John Deere on the farm. He also has two manure pits on his farm.

The manure pits have pipes that run from the barn to them and that is what the manure goes through. There is a pump in the barn that pumps the manure to the pits. When the pits get full he has to hire people to spread the manure on the fields. Some of the experiences that I have had on Earl's farm: They are getting kicked by cows just about every day that I have to milk cows there.

Another one of my experiences are hitting the side of his shed the skid steer and he was not to happy about that little inside nt. There are just a few more like forgetting to put the pipe back together when I started to milk the cows. When that happened there was milk all over the milk house floor and I wasted about forty pounds of milk in that incident. Another one was when I was getting the cows in the barn I was following this cow and she just suddenly turned around and put her head down and charged me, at that point I just turned and ran like the wind.

She never caught me and I was thankful for that. Some of the experiences that Earl had on the farm are a little different and they are: The first one is going down the hill on one of his ford tractors and pushing the clutch in at the wrong time and hitting the ditch. It was not so bad because he didn't have a trailer on the back. He just got a few bumps and bruises out of that one. There were some experiences that he didn't want to share with me because they were way to bad.

Another one is when a bull was chasing him when he was getting the cows in the barn and he had to off the highway, three miles down the road because they ran through the fence. They didn't have a four wheeler at the time so they walked the whole way to get the cows. Phil Angell.